More Konus Spotting Scope Reviews

"Konus spotting scopes are fantastic! The lenses give you clear and bright pictures, even for targets further than 350 yards. All of my friends who have looked through it have been amazed at how clear the images are, even in the dark, or at high zoom. The rubber coating on the tube makes it easy to control and carry around. I really like the sunshade, which helps with glare when you're out in the hot hot heat.

The best part about it is that I get just as good performance from this Konus scope, as my friends do with their expensive models. I paid 60% less for mine, though! I've worked as a park ranger at Yosemite in California, and have had the pleasure of using many different scopes that tourists bring with them.

With this experience in tow, and having read the other Konus spotting scope reviews online, I know that I have one of the best ones out there. I've had mine for 3 years and I've been extremely happy with it. It's great in the rain (waterproof) and though it has shorter eye relief than I'd like, it's still a great purchase. After I brought mine to work one day, everyone started going crazy over it, and about 4 other rangers ended up picking up the same one within the next few months. There are better scopes out there, but they are very expensive compared to Konus scopes. I feel like this is a great scope for the money!"

Customer Konus Spotting Scope Reviews

"I'm a recreational birder who needed a spotting scope for mid-range distances (less than 300 yards). After doing lots of research, I finally settled on the 20-60X 80mm Konus spotting scope and could not be more satisfied with my purchase.

With cloudy skies and 35F temperature (cold) I set up for 150 yards. I could see everything super clear, despite a mirage effect that my birding buddy was having trouble with. It comes with a pretty weak tripod, which I had read about in another Konus spotting scope review, but I still like the scope a lot, and the soft case is really good. Kowa scopes cost about 3x as much, yet I feel like this Konus can hang with them. The camera adapter works great too, and you can even see the surface of the moon with this bad boy!"

"I purchased my Konus spotting scope for some rifle hunting and I am very pleased with it. The construction is solid and the lenses and glass are great. The performance is very close to a Kowa scope that my brother owns. I have yet to experience any problems with my Konus. The image quality is super sharp."

Konus KonuSpot Spotting Scope 20-60mm Scope Review

In my search for a Konus Konuspot spotting scope, I browsed through a lot of stores. The cheap scopes weren't doing it for me, so I started browsing through the medium priced ones. I heard some good things about Konus spotting scopes so I specifically looked through those. I eventually bought a Konuspot scope online and I'm very pleased with it because it functions great. It is constructed very well and it is made of metal, not plastic, which is good. It is still light, however. The eye relief is great and the zoom and magnification/focus are very silky and precise. It comes with a sunshade which really helps outdoors at reducing glare. It even looks good, which I like because people ask me where I got it and it is a good conversation starter. It makes me proud to own it. It came with a photographic adapter. Considering how cheap I got it for, the clarity is amazing. On a sunny day I can see over 450 meters away. The tripod was more stable than I anticipated and it gets the job done. The best things I like about it are that it is crystal clear, bright, and provides ample eye relief.

At first I was hesitant to buy a Konus spotting scope, but I was amazed at how good the quality was for the cost. It was absolutely a great buy. It's amazing how much image quality you get. I would highly recommend Konus spotting scopes as they have very smooth focus and zoom adjustments. I haven't used it at maximum power yet, but at night it gathers light very well.

I would recommend Konus Konuspot spotting scopes to anyone looking for a scope that works well without busting your budget. Thanks Konus for surpassing my expectations.

Konus vs. Barska Spotting Scopes

Barska spotting scopes are engineered with great optic reliability and performance. Just like the developers as Konus, the Barska developers engineers behind the brand understand that the scopes need to withstand harsh conditions. The elements work against hunters and birders, so the spotting scopes need to endure water, fog, impact, and high temperatures. Obviously, Barska is doing something right, as hunters continue to demand their scopes.

Whether it be a big or small scope, Barska makes some of the best in the business. The engineers there have multi coated optics and large objective lenses, which give the vievwer excellent clarity and view, even in low light conditions. When the sun is shining, however, you can use the handy sun shade to reduce glare.

Barska spotting scopes are designed to make far away objects seem closer. Just like Konus spotting scopes, they come they come with high magnification and low weight, and they are very compact and easy to bring around. They are very stable and durable. They also have very ergonomic handling, making them comfortable to view things with and take with you. They come with a lifetime warranty and have sight tubes for fast targeting. I think for the average birder or astronomer, you would be happy with either of these optic brands. Just take your time when comparing, ask questions, and think about how you'll be using your new toy!

What to Consider When Buying a Spotting Scope

People are bombarded everyday with an overwhelming number of products. Because of this, the process of selection has become very complicated. Products come and go so quickly that if we buy something, it will already be outdated by the time we got home. What’s worse is the product that you’re looking for is already sold out by the time you arrive at the store. The latter scenario is common in the search for high–grade hunting optics. The reason for this is there are not many shops that offer the newest scopes that are within acceptable driving distance.

The only thing going for consumers in the spotting scope market is that the scopes’ designs are not subjected to yearly updates and changes unlike digital cameras and computers. Meaning, they’re a little less complicated than their technological counterparts. Basically, there are 3 factors that you have to consider as consumers.

Firstly, you need to have a purpose for the scope. Then, identify the type of spotting scope that suits your needs. Afterwards, you need to have a specific budget.

Most people use spotting scopes for backpacking, hunting and target practice. But there are some who need them for star viewing. If you belong to the first group, the field is narrowed down somewhat. But simple choices still need to be made.

It’s a common knowledge that zoom lenses are available for high end spotting scopes. Before, everyone knew that sharpness and image quality are not among the assets of zoom lenses. However, advancements in zoom technology nowadays have already eliminated this problem. Case in point, look at the Konus Konuspot spotting scope review that we wrote. The developments in zoom lenses are so advanced that now, they can excel in almost all types of uses.

The 45 degree lens is needed when the scope is mounted on a car window while you’re viewing an elevated subject at close range. However, the majority still prefer the straight through lens because it’s easier to use. Plus, looking for subjects is much quicker with this. The straight through lens is also ideal for people who are having neck discomfort when looking down.

Helical and knob are two kinds of focusers for spotting scopes. The band that’s made from rubber and placed round the scope is the helical focuser. If you’re hand is stable and if you use a tripod, focusing will be better. Personally, I’m having a hard time with the helical focuser because it’s not too steady. On the other hand, this focuser has a great sensitivity that performs well in focusing mobile targets such as birds.

Characterized by a tiny knob above the scope, Knob focusers are miles ahead in precision than a helical one. Expectedly, its superb accuracy makes it slower than the helical. If you prioritize precision over speed, knob focusers are for you.

But the flaws of knob focusers are solved by Konus spotting scopes to a certain extent. Konus utilized two knobs: one for fast focusing and the other for adjustment of details.